Lead Capture from Web


Lead Capture

You can use this feature to capture leads from your corporate website or any external website. The system will generate an HTML form to capture lead information that you can paste into any web page.

This option is available in the "Generate form to capture leads from your website" link from the Lead Home page, as shown below:

Lead Home

The first step is to choose the fields that you would like to include in the form. This is done from the page shown below:

Lead Capture Setup Step 1

You can add and remove rows using the "X" and "+" buttons at the right of each row. You can also enter the pages in you website that you would like the system to redirect the user to after submission of the generated form. You can specify different pages based on whether the lead is loaded successfully or not. When you hit the "Generate HTML" button, you will be taken to the generated form page, as shown below:

Lead Capture Setup Step 2

You should copy the generated HTML from this page and paste it into your external web page. You can modify the look and feel of the form to meet your corporate standards, but you should be careful not to remove any of the generated form elements.