The Commercial License is an agreement with SourceTap for organizations that do not want to release their application source code or who wish to resell the SourceTap CRM application or hosted service. Commercially licensed customers get a commercially supported product with assurances from SourceTap. Commercially licensed users are also free from the requirement of making their own application open source.

When your application is not licensed under either the GPL-compatible Free Software License as defined by the Free Software Foundation or approved by OSI, and you intend to distribute SourceTap CRM software (be that externally to customers or internally within your organization), you must first obtain a commercial license to the SourceTap CRM product.

Typical examples of SourceTap CRM distribution include:

Selling software that includes SourceTap CRM to customers who install the software on their own machines.

Selling software that requires customers to install SourceTap CRM themselves on their own machines.

Selling a subscription to a service that provides access to SourceTap CRM, for example as an Aplication Service Provider (ASP).

Building a hardware system that includes SourceTap CRM and selling that hardware system to customers for installation at their own locations.


If you include the SourceTap CRM application with an application that is not licensed under the GPL or GPL-compatible license, you need a commercial license for SourceTap CRM.

If you develop and distribute a commercial application and as part of utilizing your application, the end-user must download a copy of SourceTap CRM; for each derivative work, you (or, in some cases, your end-user) need a commercial license for SourceTap CRM

If you distribute SourceTap CRM Software within your organization, you should purchase a commercial license.

GPL users have no direct legal relationship with SourceTap. The commercial license, on the other hand, is SourceTap's private license, and provides a direct legal relationship with SourceTap.

With a commercial non-GPL SourceTap CRM license, one license is required per application server (single installed SourceTap CRM binary). There are no restrictions on the number of connections, number of CPUs, memory or disks to that one SourceTap CRM application server.

Non-Profits, Academic Institutions, and Private Individuals

If you represent a non-profit organization or an academic institution, you should purchase commercial licenses. Note that non-profits can apply for free or discounted commercial licenses, which will be liberally granted.

If you are a private individual you are free to use SourceTap CRM software for your personal applications as long as you do not distribute them. If you distribute them, you must make a decision between the Commercial License and the GPL.

Please note that even if you ship a free demo version of your own application, the above rules apply.


Please note that SourceTap can only give advice on which license is right for you. The final judgment, of course can be made only by a court of law. With that said, we recommend the commercial license to all commercial and government organizations. This frees you from the broad and strict requirements of the GPL license.

To all free software enthusiasts we recommend our products under the GPL license.

To anyone in doubt, we recommend the commercial license. It is never wrong. Thanks to our cost-effective way of producing software, we are able to sell our commercial licenses at prices well under the industry average.


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